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Energy Healing: Basic Techniques

Energy flows like water. Or (to put it more accurately), the easiest way to visualize how energy flows is by recalling how it flows through the translucent and very familiar medium of water.

When doing healing work, it is ideal for energy to flow from you into your client (with therapeutic intent). For therapists who complain that they seem to "take on" their clients ailments, this is usually caused by absorbing the client's energy or otherwise allowing it to flow into you. But think about how water flows through a faucet. If energy is truly flowing from you into your client, then backflow is very unlikely to occur.

Of course, you do not want to give your energy up to your client. That leads to another common complaint: feeling drained and exhausted after giving a session (or three). Rather, it is crucial to learn to receive energy from divine or infinite sources and channel this energy into your clients. That way you become a sort of a conduit that directs energy from Source into your client with therapeutic intent.

Your religious beliefs will guide you to what deity or universal energy field you feel most comfortable channeling. Whether you wish to be a conduit of love, light, compassion, and healing or channel a named deity who embodies these forces, such as Tara, Christ, or your own personal Bodhisatva, that is up to you: the fundamental techniques work equally well...

First of all, to be truly effective, it is necessary to become as clear as you can, which is often achieved through a daily practice such as yoga, prayer, meditation, or mantra. Then, when working, many techniques are possible. Here is one of my personal favorites:

Simply receive divine energy through the crown & root chakras simultaneously, into & activating the central channel. When the mother earth / father sky energies meet in the middle (at the heart) a natural radiant overflow occurs, the energy of which can be directed through my hands (or elsewhere) into my client. Presto! Energy is channelling through me into the client and I feel better when I'm done than I did before I started (because all that energy flowed through me too in the process). The clearer you are, the better it works, so make time for your daily practice & choose a good one.

Have fun!



PS: Oh, and if you think this is all just bunk and yet got this far, then I encourage you to read my other article Energy Healing: Does it exist?