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Energy Healing

From the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA):

Their Question:

Should massage schools teach more energy medicine?

Our Answer:

While the energy behind the massage is indeed a crucial component to the quality of the work delivered, in a society that largely does not believe in such things as "energy healing", sometimes phrasing it differently can make a huge difference in the extent to which students and clients are open to it. For example, the school that I went to taught us Compassionate Touch, Emotional Clarity, & Giving rather than Expecting as appropriate emotional/mental states from which to deliver massage. These turned out to be foundational states for energy healing, although they were never presented as such.

There is so much to learn that it is improbable anyone could learn everything from a single school, which is why it is a very good thing that a wide variety of schools and workshops exist featuring a wide variety of curricula to choose from.

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