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Sciatic Pain Treatment

From the "Massage Therapists and Bodyworkers" professional organization:

Their Question:

I was wondering if anyone knows of any good information about how to treat sciatica or piriformis syndrome (if that's what it is called)

Our Answer:

Differentiation of the piriformis and other rotators in the butt. While the client is face down, bend their leg at the knee using one hand at their ankle. You will be slowly moving their lower leg from side to side with this grip in order to effectively rotate their upper leg back and forth, which will change the distance between their sacrum and greater trochanter. With your other hand (or sensitive elbow if you have one), you will individually isolate, lengthen, spread, and differentiate each of the rotator muscles in the client's tush from the greater trochanter towards the sacrum (or vice-versa), paying close attention to areas of binding or tightness, especially in the area of the piriformis (which the sciatic nerve dives under). This technique should always be done on both sides of the client's body if done on one side to keep their sacrum balanced. You will want to warm up their lower back and IT band before you start.

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