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Aloha Massage Kauai

Rolfing on Kauai

Rolfing is a deep-tissue massage which uses strong pressure to relieve patterns of stress and impaired body functioning due to injuries and habitual patterns of movement or posture. In Rolfing, your expert massage therapist uses their advanced knowledge of anatomy and physiology to lengthen, spread, and differentiate your muscles to relieve tightness, adhesions, and bring better alignment to your body.

Our master Rolfer carries the impeccable lineage of Ida Rolf via Emmett Hutchins, who he is a teaching assistant for at the Guild for Structural Integration here on Kaua'i. We also have two excellent Rolfers who provide mobile massages services from Princeville to Poipu. Advance booking is highly recommended.

Schedule By Phone
Schedule By Phone


Rolfing is available via our free Mobile Massage services to Princeville, Lihue, Poipu & Kapaa. Advance reservations are highly recommended.